Has Your Sex Life Simmered Down? Here’s How to Reignite it.

After being in a relationship for a long time, you are bound to lose your spark with your partner. This should not bother you because it is normal for long term couples to lose their sexual activity after a certain period. This means that the honeymoon period where you guys could not keep your hands off each other is over and both of you have grown comfortable in the relationship. When you reach this stage, it does not mean sex is out of the picture, and you will never enjoy it again. There are plenty of ways in which you can ignite your sex life and ensure you do not lose touch with your partner.


Reigniting your sex life is primal to the survival of your marriage or relationship. Most couples who do not reignite their lost spark lose touch with each other and end up separating. This is because the spark enables you and your partner to understand each other and be there for your partner and without it, the relationship is doomed. The following are some of the ways in which you can reignite your spark with your partner.


1. Switch it up


One of the reasons why sex dwindles is because it becomes too monotonous and boring. If you know what is going to happen during sex right from the first steps to how you and your partner will finish, it will be hard to get excited about sex. It is therefore important to switch things up in the bedroom to keep everything more exciting and interesting. If you normally have sex in the bedroom, try the bathroom this time. Switch up your romantic wear by buying new lingerie or switch up your sex styles. This keeps the sex life exciting, and you will always look forward to it.


2. Do not look at it as a chore


At times in a relationship, sex will feel like a chore especially if you are not receiving the sexual satisfaction that you desire. This means only your partner is getting satisfied and you only engage in sex to please them. Such a mindset can greatly affect your sex life and make you dread anytime your partner asks for sex. To avoid this, talk to your partner about satisfaction and what they can do for you to ensure you get satisfied. Ensure they understand where you want to be touched or what you want them to do for you to enjoy sex.


3. Engage in foreplay


What most couples forget is that over the years, they forgo foreplay and have sex. Foreplay is essential because it shows physical and emotional intimacy. It shows your partner how you feel about them and the care you have. Without any foreplay then sex is just sex and not an emotional connection to bring two partners together. Ensure you engage in foreplay with your partner. Foreplay can be anything from checking in on your partner at work or sending them that flirty text. This ensures they look forward to seeing you when their day ends and have sex.


4. Identify what is affecting your sex life


There are plenty of reasons as to why your sex life may simmer down. These reasons may be in the relationship or outside the relationship, for instance, your career or school. If you are having relationship problems with your partner your sex life is bound to simmer down because you are not connecting with your partner. Stress at work or in school can also affect your sex life because it lowers your drive and libido. Identify what the problem might be and fix it to reignite your sex life. If it is your partner, communicate with them so that a solution can be found.


Ultimately, it is important to note that you should not put any pressure on yourself when it comes to sex. Pressure only makes the situation worse and can drain you emotionally and physically.