Orgasm FAQs


Having an orgasm is an integral part of sexual pleasure. Orgasms not only lead to sexual satisfaction but they are important in maintaining good health. Having an orgasm releases certain hormones that reduce stress, fight depression and allow the body to relax. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on orgasms.

1. I cannot reach an orgasm, is there something wrong with me?

Plenty of individuals especially women do not reach orgasm, and this is normal. It should not make you worried as much. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to ensure you reach an orgasm. You can try different sexual techniques that ensure your clitoris is electrified and you reach an orgasm. Also, try doing more foreplay instead of diving right into sex. The right amount of foreplay can give you the orgasm that you have always desired.

2. Is the G-spot real?

Many women do not believe the g-spot exists simply because they find a hard time reaching orgasm. The g-spot is said to provide intense orgasm to the female and is a spongy tissue located in the vagina. Some scientists are adamant that the g-spot exists while some do not agree. There is no need to focus on something that may or may not be because you can still orgasm whether you have a g-spot or not.

3. Why can’t I have multiple orgasms?

Having one orgasm is already stressful for a lot of women, what about multiple orgasms? Many women can get only one orgasm which may be a source of worry. There are many reasons why you are not getting multiple orgasms. If your nerve endings are not electrified the right way, you will not get an orgasm. Also, you need the right environment and stimulation to get multiple orgasms. Ensure you try different sexual positions

4. Why do I get dry so quickly?

The right amount of sexual stimulation causes the vagina to become moist and wet ready for sex. If you get dry quickly or are dry during sexual stimulation, it means your nerve endings are not being electrified. It also means your partner is not turning you on properly and you may need more than just casual kissing to get aroused. Other factors may also be causing your dryness such as stress, breastfeeding, cigarettes, alcohol and medication. Identify the root cause of your dryness and fix it.

5. Why can’t I have an orgasm like in the movies?

Orgasms in movies are made up and fictional. Most actors and actresses do not have real sex apart from porn stars. Even for porn stars, most fake their orgasms for ratings and more views. Orgasms happen differently for different individuals. Some people take five minutes while some take up to thirty minutes before reaching an orgasm. Do not let movies fool you into thinking an orgasm can happen in the first two minutes. Am not saying it cannot happen but it does happen for some people. Go with your body and not what you see in movies and porn videos.

6. Why can’t I orgasm during vaginal intercourse?

The vagina is incapable of causing an orgasm because it does not contain the nerve endings for stimulation. The clitoris is the part that causes an orgasm. Most women do not have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse, but if their clit is rubbed or licked they reach an orgasm. It is therefore normal not to orgasm during vaginal intercourse. However, if you are having vaginal intercourse while at the same time your clitoris is being aroused, you will have an orgasm. Always focus on pleasuring the clitoris if you want to orgasm.

7. Do orgasms fade with age?

Most women tend to think that the older they get, the fewer orgasms they have. This is not true as having an orgasm is all about stimulation and with the right stimulation you can have an orgasm at any age. Older females get more intense orgasms because of their experience.

Has Your Sex Life Simmered Down? Here’s How to Reignite it.

After being in a relationship for a long time, you are bound to lose your spark with your partner. This should not bother you because it is normal for long term couples to lose their sexual activity after a certain period. This means that the honeymoon period where you guys could not keep your hands off each other is over and both of you have grown comfortable in the relationship. When you reach this stage, it does not mean sex is out of the picture, and you will never enjoy it again. There are plenty of ways in which you can ignite your sex life and ensure you do not lose touch with your partner.


Reigniting your sex life is primal to the survival of your marriage or relationship. Most couples who do not reignite their lost spark lose touch with each other and end up separating. This is because the spark enables you and your partner to understand each other and be there for your partner and without it, the relationship is doomed. The following are some of the ways in which you can reignite your spark with your partner.


1. Switch it up


One of the reasons why sex dwindles is because it becomes too monotonous and boring. If you know what is going to happen during sex right from the first steps to how you and your partner will finish, it will be hard to get excited about sex. It is therefore important to switch things up in the bedroom to keep everything more exciting and interesting. If you normally have sex in the bedroom, try the bathroom this time. Switch up your romantic wear by buying new lingerie or switch up your sex styles. This keeps the sex life exciting, and you will always look forward to it.


2. Do not look at it as a chore


At times in a relationship, sex will feel like a chore especially if you are not receiving the sexual satisfaction that you desire. This means only your partner is getting satisfied and you only engage in sex to please them. Such a mindset can greatly affect your sex life and make you dread anytime your partner asks for sex. To avoid this, talk to your partner about satisfaction and what they can do for you to ensure you get satisfied. Ensure they understand where you want to be touched or what you want them to do for you to enjoy sex.


3. Engage in foreplay


What most couples forget is that over the years, they forgo foreplay and have sex. Foreplay is essential because it shows physical and emotional intimacy. It shows your partner how you feel about them and the care you have. Without any foreplay then sex is just sex and not an emotional connection to bring two partners together. Ensure you engage in foreplay with your partner. Foreplay can be anything from checking in on your partner at work or sending them that flirty text. This ensures they look forward to seeing you when their day ends and have sex.


4. Identify what is affecting your sex life


There are plenty of reasons as to why your sex life may simmer down. These reasons may be in the relationship or outside the relationship, for instance, your career or school. If you are having relationship problems with your partner your sex life is bound to simmer down because you are not connecting with your partner. Stress at work or in school can also affect your sex life because it lowers your drive and libido. Identify what the problem might be and fix it to reignite your sex life. If it is your partner, communicate with them so that a solution can be found.


Ultimately, it is important to note that you should not put any pressure on yourself when it comes to sex. Pressure only makes the situation worse and can drain you emotionally and physically.

The Best Out Call Escorts In Vegas

The best out call escorts in Vegas are those that can meet your needs at any time of day or night. You need a companion when you come to the city, but you might not know where to start. You can find Lollipop Escorts, Las Vegas Escorts, and escorts for couples when you are in the city. There are people who like Eros Escorts in Las Vegas because they enjoy the experience they have with these girls. Others want to have an experience with a girl who will give them the kind of experience need. Learn how to pick the girl you need using this list.

1. What Do Las Vegas Escorts Do For You?

The Lollipop Escorts that you find like Eros Escorts in Las Vegas will do anything you need from the most dominant girl who will lead you around the city to the girl who will do anything you want in the city. You simply need to decide what you want out of your trip. The majority of people who are trying to find escorts for couples can get what they want, and it becomes a much more exciting trip for everyone.

2. A Tour For Everyone

The tour that you get should be something that takes you to all the places that you would like to go in the city. However, you need to talk to the girl about this before you start your trip. You need to pick this girl, talk to her, and find out what she has planned for you. You could go to some interesting places that will be hard for you to find on your own. You just need to tell the girl where you want to go. You could try anything from the bars to the clubs and other joints that are fun for people who are going to the city for just a couple days.

3. The Type Of Girl

You can choose any girl you want depending on what your tastes are. There are some places where you will need to try out a nice trip to the clubs, or you could go to the bars that your escort knows best. You just need to figure out what your best options are as you talk to these girls. They will let you know what they are like, and they will take you to the places that they know best.

The girl that you pick could be a blonde or brunette. You could choose a redhead, a short girl, a tall girl, or a curvy girl. You have infinite options because there are so many girls out there to choose from. Some people who are trying to figure out which girl to select need to have a look at the whole list so that they can pick the girl that catches their eye.

4. You Can Schedule Early

You can schedule your trip very early so that you get time with the girl that you want to see. Most people who are trying to have a good time in the city do not want to spend their time picking a girl when they get to the city. These people need to know who they will meet when they arrive, and they need to find the girl that will be perfect for the trip. If you have any questions about these girls, you can contact their agency.

5. Conclusion

The trip that you take to Las Vegas gets a lot more fun if you habve planned that trip with help of an escort who knows the city very well. These girls will be the perfect people to talk to when you are trying to plan, and they will give you a tour of the city that you cannot refuse. If you have any questions about how to manage the trip, you can ask the girl or her agency online while planning your stay.

Eat Your Way to a Better Sex Life

The internet is full of advice on what you can do to improve your sex life and generally enjoy better sex. While most of the advice is factual, one aspect that many people tend to forget is diet. People focus on bedroom techniques of improving sex and physical exercise and forget about the most important aspect of all which is food. Food is an integral part of everyday life, and you cannot survive without it. Food plays a huge role in the body as it influences radiance and makes the skin look better. A good diet makes you feel good and puts you in a good mood for sex. If you have bad eating habits, they are more likely affecting your sex life because they hurt your body.


A good diet is good for the skin and improves your overall confidence. Individuals that have healthy eating habits are confident in their bodies, and this encourages them to involve in more sexual activities than those that are not. There is no denying that the right foods can spice your sex life and make it more active than usual. If you want to have better sex, it is high time you eat your way to it. The following are some of the eating habits you can adapt to, to ensure your sex life is improved.


Eat right


Sexual drive comes from a mental state that influences you to have sex. If your mental health or state is not good, your sex drive is in turn affected. Eating right ensures you are in the right mental state to have good sex. This means eating a balanced diet and one that is healthy. Eating unhealthily can cause mental problems such as depression because of the effects of a bad diet. For instance, if a person becomes obese because of unhealthy eating, this takes a toll on their mental state. The right food can greatly improve your mental health and keep you in the mood for sex.


Avoid foods that hinder your libido


For you to have sex, your libido needs to be at a certain level, and anything below that affects your sexual drive. Different types of food affect your libido levels differently. Some boost your libido while others lower it greatly. Foods that lower your libido include refined sugars, high-fat and sodium. It is important to limit or avoid ingesting such foods as they affect your libido levels. Instead, indulge in foods that boost libido such as nuts.


Avoid foods with strong smells


Some foods may cost you a lot when it comes to some bedroom techniques like your man going down on you. These are foods that have a strong smell that makes it impossible to have sex. For instance, foods such as garlic and coffee can cause your body to excrete the smell. This becomes turn off when you are trying to have a romantic moment with your partner. All they can think of is the strong garlic smell from your body. Always eat foods that generally improve your body scent. A good smell works wonders in improving your sex life.


Avoid lethargic foods


Sex requires a lot of energy, and thus you need to eat foods that make you feel energetic and not tired. Lethargic foods are those that make you feel drowsy and tired, and they are usually full of carbohydrates and proteins. Avoid such food highly if you want to enjoy sex and improve your sex life. Instead, limit these foods and only take them when there is no sexual activity planned.


Eat a lot of dark chocolate


Research has shown that dark chocolate improves sex drive. The ingredients contained in dark chocolate increase blood flow in the body and keep you in the mood for sex. Some scientists have also proven that dark chocolate can increase your pleasure during sex.


Ultimately, the food that you ingest daily can either boost your sex or adversely affect it.